Aiki Dojo with Humble Beginnings

Yxyryu has been in the area for a while now, though we purposely try not to make any waves. Our first classes were conducted out at the farm where we had some old mats but no building. Classes were conducted out-doors and it had to be in suitable weather.

Eventually we got together with a Gungfu instructor at the Yoga Center (when it was on Main Street in Danville). The Yoga Center was in a lovely old mansion but we were just sure that the vibrations from throwing would tear the floor joists out. So Gungfu and I screwed up our courage and approached the Director of the YWCA (just down the road at 750 West Main Street). Carol Lawson, the very able Director made us negotiate right hard and in the end exacted more concessions than Gungfu was willing to concede so Aikido ended up being the only class that was approved by the Board. Thus began Aikido in Danville under the name Omoryu aikijutsu.

Aikido studio at YWCA 1

We had several joyous years at the Danville YWCA until it closed (around July 2, 2012?). We taught right up until the doors were shut for the final time.

ywca outside (1)

Almost immediately, we secured another arrangement at Body Dynamics Gym in Yanceyville, NC. This was right there on Main Street almost on the Town Square. A number of years went by there under the name ‘Aikido of Yanceyville’. We taught numerous local characters, in addition to our core roster of Senpai.


Body Dynamics eventually moved out and so did we, completing our circle by ending up teaching out of Danville Yoga Center (who had since moved out of the lovely old mansion into a larger facility on Westover Drive in Danville). To be honest, the move was quite refreshing as the Yoga Center has good wholesome energy.

And so, coming full circle now to our early beginnings, we have a new home and a new name; conducting our operations under the heading of Yxyryu Aikido.

Feel free to join us at 2000 C Westover Drive, Danville VA 24541. You can reach us through the ‘Contact Us’  page or through our Facebook Contact info at the ‘About’ section:

Yxyryu Aikido on Facebook



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